Hey there! I’m Wes Abarca, also known as “Wes77.” I began spray painting in the early 90’s and throughout the years, my creativity has developed into a personal style. My art is bold and vibrant, and is typically focused around flora and fauna themes. I’m inspired by the mastery of old-time stained glass works, so I bring that decorative element into my own pieces. What started off as an enjoyable pursuit, eventually transitioned into much bigger ideas. In 2021, I relocated with my family from the Southern California area to Utah, and to this day, I travel near and far to paint my works. I’ve grown to know in life, as in my artistry, that change is necessary to grow.  It is truly satisfying to know that my contributions have brought valuable, visual attraction, and aesthetic improvement to many areas; and so, I’m excited to find avenues in which I can continue to express my creative vision and display it within a public community context - a visual gift for others to enjoy!